Lee Graham Rules

Pool Management

1. The Pool Operations Committee has the overall responsibility for supervising the operations and utilization of the swimming pools and associated facilities. All events and activities conducted at the pool are subject to guidelines, procedures, rules and restrictions established by this committee.

2. The Pool Manager directs the operating staff to ensure the safe, healthy and efficient operation of the pools and associated facilities. The Pool Manager and staff are also tasked to maintain a comfortable and relaxing recreational environment for members and their guests. The Pool Manager has the authority to interpret and enforce the operating rules consistent with these requirements, as well as to limit activities or use of equipment or toys which are disruptive to this environment.

3. The instructions of the lifeguards and the Pool Manager must be followed by all persons using the pool. Questions or complaints regarding any aspect of pool operations should be addressed to a member of the Pool Operations Committee, or to a member of the Board of Directors who, in turn, will bring the question or complaint to the attention of the Pool Operations Committee for a response or further investigation.

4. The Pool Manager is authorized to deprive any member or guest of the use of the facility in accordance with the Corporation’s By-Laws. The Pool Manager has the discretion to close the facility when necessary.

5. A first aid kit will be maintained by the Pool Manager. All injuries on the facility should be reported to the Pool Manager. In case of serious injury, the rescue squad will be called and the family of the injured person will be notified. Emergency information for all members will be maintained at the front desk.

6. A “Lost and Found” container will be maintained by the Pool Manager. Lost articles will be kept a reasonable length of time, but not beyond the end of the season. Persons seeking lost articles should contact the front desk attendant or Pool Manager.

Hours of Operation

1. Operating hours are published in periodic newsletters, on the website and are posted at the front desk.

2. Use of all or part of the pool premises may be restricted for swim and dive team practices or meets and special membership events. A schedule of all planned activities will be posted and maintained in the lobby.

Pool Admission

1. To gain admittance to the pool, members must tell the front desk attendant their membership number and write their name, membership number, and the number of family members and/or guests in their party in the membership register.

2. Children under 8 years of age must be accompanied at all times by a member or guest 15 years of age or older who will be responsible for the continuous surveillance of the child.

3. After 6:00pm, children age 12 or less must be accompanied by a responsible member or guest 15 years of age or older.

4. All guests must be accompanied be a member and must leave when the member leaves. To gain admittance for a guest, the member must present a Guest Pass and write the guest’s name and the member’s membership number on the pass. Guest Passes may be purchased at the front desk. Issuance of rain checks will be at the discretion of the front desk attendant.

5. Any member who assists any person in the unauthorized use of the Corporation’s facilities will be deprived of membership privileges in accordance with the Corporation’s By-Laws (posted on the website).

6. Admission to the pool may be denied to persons with communicable diseases, open sores, bandages, or excessive sunburn, at the Pool Manager’s discretion.

Pool Rules & Procedures

1. Showers must be taken prior to pool use.

2. Parents are responsible for the safety, health habits and conduct of their children at all times while using the pool facilities. Parents are responsible for insuring that their children understand and comply with all the pool rules.

3. For safety and health reasons, special concerns and rules apply to babies and young children, particularly those young children who are not yet toilet trained. All babies and young children who are not toilet trained must wear rubber pants with tightly fitting elastic legs, regardless of whether they are wearing a diaper. Cleaning and draining the pool after an “accident” is both an expensive and time consuming process that greatly inconveniences other members. For this reason, this rule will be strictly enforced.

4. Use of the baby pool is limited to children 5 years of age and under who must at all times be accompanied by a responsible person.

5. Persons who cannot demonstrate to the lifeguard their ability to swim the length of the pool and tread water or float for one minute will not be permitted in the trapezoid pool or the competition pool unless they are accompanied by a responsible adult or they have received permission of the Pool Manager.

6. Inflatable arm band floatation devices and other certified floatation devices are permissible. Toy floating rings are not certified floatation devices and are not permitted in the trapezoid or competition pools. Children using floatation devices must be within arms reach of a responsible adult at all times. Floatation devices may not be used on the slide or the diving boards.

7. The following activities are prohibited in the pool or on the pool deck area: (a) flips or somersaults from the sides of the pool, (b) spitting or spouting water or noseblowing, (c) playing or hanging on the ropes, (d) use of toys, tubes or rafts in the trapezoid pool or competition pool (except on Raft Night) without obtaining the Pool Manager’s permission, (e) wearing cut-offs in the water, and (f) wearing t-shirts in the pool without obtaining the Pool Manager’s permission.

8. Water games are permitted at the discretion of the Pool Manager. The use of hard balls is prohibited in the pool; nerf balls are permitted. Water basketball is permitted only in the deep end of the trapezoid pool if pool usage allows.

9. Fifteen minute breaks will be called once every hour beginning with the first at 11:45 am and the last at 6:45 pm inclusive. Children 12 years of age and under must clear the pool and pool deck area during breaks. Adults may take infants under the age of 2 into the shallow end of the trapezoid pool during breaks.

10. Swim lanes, as marked by ropes, are open for lap swimmers only when not being used for swim practice. When there are two swimmers in a lane, swimmers shall split the lane, one swimmer to each side. When there are three or more swimmers in a lane, swimmers shall swim in a circular path, keeping to the right. Additional lap lanes may be made available at the discretion of the Pool Manager upon request and if the pool usage permits. Alternatively, the Pool Manager may set aside lap lanes for adult use only.

General Facility Rules and Procedures

1. Smoking is prohibited within the fenced area of the facility and the building. 

2. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited except for specially designated occasions approved by the Pool Operations Chairman.

3. Glass containers of any kind are prohibited.

4. In accordance with health department regulations, food or beverages may not be stored or consumed other than on the patio or in the picnic area by the pine trees.

5. Chewing gum is prohibited.

6. Running or rough housing is prohibited.

7. Bicycles, skateboards, and skates may not be used within the pool enclosure.

8. Squirt guns are prohibited.

9. Radios, tape players, CD players, MP3's, etc. may only be used with headphones.

10. Automobiles and bicycles are to be driven with extreme care in the Corporation's parking lot. Parking is limited to designated areas. Cars parked in violation of fire and emergency lanes or handicapped parking regulations may be towed at the owner's expense.

11. The pool facility is designed for family use and there are always a large number of small children at the facility. Members and guests should conform their conduct accordingly.

12. Any group of 10 or more persons that wishes to use the facility must contact the Corporate Administrator for approval at least one week in advance of anticipated use in order to reserve space. All large groups must have at least one adult pool member designated as the person in charge who is responsible for the group. That member must ensure that the group conforms their behavior to these rules.

13. Pool furniture is expensive and will not withstand abuse. Do not sit on the tables or stand on the chairs. Furniture may be moved, but may not be dragged about. Pick it up and carry it. Lounges deteriorate rapidly when the legs are dragged along the concrete. If you need assistance moving any furniture, please ask the Pool Manager.