Buying and Selling

Instructions for Buying or Selling A Membership

Don't lose the value of your Lee Graham membership. If you will no longer be using your membership, you must notify the Corporate office by completing a Termination Form and mailing it along with the $25 fee by May 1st of the current year prior to the start of the swim season. The Corporate Manager will connect you with a Buyer from the wait list.  All Buyers must come from the wait list. Members who have not given notice and have not paid their dues for the current year are placed on a delinquent status and lose all membership privileges. This means that you may not sell or transfer your membership.

Email the Corporate Administrator for all membership questions.



As approved by the Board, the 2017 dues are as follows:  $525 for regular members, $425 for senior members (certificate holders 60 years and older).  The maintenance fee continues at $50.

Effective January 1, 2014, all transfers of membership certificates will be made through the Lee Graham Corporation.  The Corporation’s Board of Directors has established a maximum sales price of $500.  Lee Graham maintains a Wait List for potential Buyers. All sales must be made to people on the Wait List. The Corporate Manager will provide the Seller with the name of a Buyer from the Wait List.  The Seller will sign the back of their membership certificate and give it to the Buyer or provide Lee Graham with a simple bill of sale. Buyer and Seller will agree upon a purchase price, currently not to exceed $500.

Under this system, the membership will be offered to the person at the top of the Wait List.  The Buyer will be responsible for payment to the Seller at the agreed upon price, not to exceed $500.  The Buyer will also be responsible for a one time Capital Contribution of $500, and the current year dues and maintenance fee.

Buyers can be placed on the Wait List by providing a $25 non-refundable fee to Lee Graham.   

When an individual is offered a membership off the Wait List, he or she must:

The payments should be made in a timely manner, not to exceed 30 days.  Thereafter, the Corporation will send the new member a membership certificate and an entrance card to complete and return by mail.   The new membership is not activated until all steps are completed, and access will not be allowed until that time.  A membership must be activated in the year it was purchased.

Join the Wait List by submitting the Application to the Corporate Administrator.

The Seller should notify the Corporation of intent to sell by submitting the Membership Termination Form and a $25 fee for processing the transfer.

Questions?  Email the Corporate Administrator.


*A Lee-Graham membership consists of the membership certificate holder, spouse and unmarried children living at home.  If you have a parent, in-law, sibling, roommate or au pair living with you, the special use fee will apply.