Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get a membership?

Memberships are available only through purchase from existing members who wish to sell.  A “want to sell” list is maintained by the Corporate Administrator.  The seller and buyer agree on a price and then follow the instructions on the website for transferring a membership.


Do you have a waiting list?

Join the Wait List by submitting the Application to the Corporate Administrator.


Do you have rental memberships?

Not at the present time.


We might be busy this summer and won’t be able to use the pool very much.  Can we have a reduction on our dues?

As a member of the corporation, your dues are part of the operating budget of the pool.  Therefore, the full amount of your dues or your intention to sell must be postmarked by May 1 as usual and no reduction can be accommodated.


Are Nannies, live-in grandparents, siblings, roommates, etc. part of my membership?

The policy states that a membership is the certificate holder, spouse, and unmarried children residing permanently at the shareholders address.  All others may buy guest passes or pay a “special use fee.”  The amounts are listed on the website along with the dues.


I’ll be out of the country for a few years and want to keep my membership.  What should I do?

Send an email to the Corporate Administrator with your information.


I’m old enough to qualify for senior citizen dues for the first time.  What do I need to do?

When sending your dues for the year, include a copy of your driver’s license for verification.  You may black out all information except the name, address and birthdate if you like.


I’m ready to sell my membership.  What is the process?

Send in the termination form and the appropriate amount to the corporate P.O. Box.  Follow the instructions on the Membership page.


What is the maintenance fee?

The maintenance fee helps pay for upkeep on the facility and grounds.  You may have the fee waived for the following year by participating in the work day of the current year.  It usually occurs on a Saturday in April or May so watch for the date.


I’d like to have a party under the pine trees.  How do I set that up?

Check availability by emailing the corporate administrator with the date, start and end time, what kind of party you’re hosting (i.e. birthday party, end of school party, etc.) and approximately how many guests.  Specify no later than one week before the party how many of your guests are non-members so the management can adjust the lifeguard staff if necessary.


I’d like to rent the community room.  How do I reserve it?

Read the rules on the website concerning community room rental.  Confirm availability by emailing the Corporate Manager.  Print the rental agreement, fill it out and send it to the Corporate P.O. Box.