Community Room Rental


INSTRUCTIONS:  To check availability of the community room, please contact the Corporate Administrator at at least two weeks in advance.  Please print, sign and return the rental contract with your initial payment in order to reserve the Lee Graham Community Room.  Make checks payable to Lee Graham Corporation.

The Licensee must be a pool member in good standing. Licensee personally guarantees payment of all fees and agrees to be present for the entire event.  The Licensee agrees to release Lee-Graham Corporation from any liability associated with use of the facility, particularly with regard to the serving of alcohol by Licensee.  Alcohol permitted with prior Board permission only.

RULES:  Please note that the Community Room is not available for children’s parties.  A maximum of 50 people are permitted during normal pool hours and 100 people for evenings/off season.  Access is limited to space stated in contract.  Prior permission from the corporate administrator must be obtained for rental equipment to be brought in and Licensee must insure its removal by expiration time of contract.  Smoking is prohibited in the Community Room, the bathhouse, the upper deck and the lower patio.  Candles are prohibited in the Community Room, and decorations may only be put up with painter's tape (no pins or tacks of any kind).

FEES:  $200 (for 3 hours), and $100 damage deposit.  Extra time is $50/hour.  The fee plus damage deposit are due in full with submission of the rental contract.  Damage deposit should be a separate check which will be returned upon satisfactory post-rental inspection.  Cancellation less than 2 weeks in advance results in forfeiture of half of rental fee.  Your time starts from the time you are let in until your last guest has left.  Please allow sufficient time after your guests have left for adequate clean up.  Please note that if you wish to use the pool during your time in the Community room, additional fees will be assessed and prior approval is required.

CLEAN-UP:After the event you are responsible for clean-up which includes emptying the trash, cleaning the bathrooms and washing the floors if necessary.  Leave area used as clean as you find it.  A fee will be deducted from the security deposit if the area is not cleaned. 

INCLEMENT WEATHER:  Please note that rental of the room does not include snow or ice removal from parking area, sidewalks, or deck.  Licensee acknowledges and accepts full responsibility for any snow and ice removal.  In addition Licensee guarantees that they will make the area safe for their visitors. In addition if any inclement weather causes the rental space to become inoperable or not fit for occupancy, the contract will be terminated with all funds returned to the renter.